yogaTo relax and strengthen the body

We invite you to participate in our yoga classes. No matter if you are experienced, a beginner or newcomer you will feel like new after getting the spirit of Yoga.

Guests who visit Hotel Zapata often rave of the hotel’s tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. This common experience is something our family members (guests) look forward to enjoying. In addition to a serene and peaceful ambience, Hotel Zapata is also pleased to offer Hatha yoga classes. The benefits of practicing yoga go hand in hand with our tranquil and relaxing environment.

Help your body unwind from the stress and tension accumulated from a hectic life. Try our Hatha yoga classes. Yoga is not only challenging as a work out, but also leaves your body and mind with a relaxing sensation like no other exercise. Experience the rewards of yoga that target your muscles and help improve both your mental and physical fitness. Our classes are especially beneficial for guests with backaches, sciatic nerve problems, hip problems, and general stiffness. So why not give yoga a try while staying with us? Enjoy a complete relaxation vacation! Work out and release stress!

Join us at 8:00 a.m

Class schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Rates for (1) hour sessions

  • 1 class ............................ $10 USD
  • 2 classes ......................... $15 USD
  • 3 classes ......................... $20 USD


Instructor: Franca Magori, born Bologna Italy, has been practicing Hatha Yoga for more than fifteen years. She has spent several years in India as part of her life-long mission to continue to deepen and strengthen her connection to Hatha Yoga. Franca currently lives in Juan Dolio, San Pedro.