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Since our inception in 1991, we have been committed to fostering the growth of the Boca Chica community. This motivation has guided our direction and strongly influenced our business philosophy. As a family-run business, we believe in creating as many opportunities as possible for the people of our community to succeed and flourish. We buy from local vendors, we affiliate with local taxis, estheticians, masseuses, and encourage our guests to shop at local stores. We believe tourists should get to know our culture and community, learn about it, and immerse themselves in it. This involvement makes for a more fulfilling experience and beautiful vacation, while strengthening our community.

With this mission in mind, The Zapata Team has created a one-of-kind, innovative, first for Boca Chica, fitness weekend, dedicated to the wellness of body and spirit. Our goal is to attract new tourists to Boca Chica and introduce them to all the beauty it has to offer, while supporting the local community.

Hotel Zapata is proud to introduce Give.Sweat.- a program that offers a weekend filled with invigorating beach workouts, under the direction of famous NYC personal trainer Gerren Liles, AND an opportunity to support the local children, vía Caminante, a local non-profit that serves the neediest and most vulnerable children in Boca Chica. Here’s why you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity: 1) Get away from the cold and enjoy a relaxing weekend on a beachfront property. 2) Switch up your workout routine and soak up the virtues of the crystal-clear waters, energizing sun, and pristine white sand. 3) Help those in need by signing up and sweating with us.

Give.Sweat. and give yourself a gift that will help others and make you richer.

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